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NSW Back to School VOUCHERS
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Buy 1 get 20% off accessory
Buy 1 get 20% off accessory
Buy 1 get 20% off accessory
Buy 1 get 20% off accessory

How to redeem your NSW Back to School voucher at UGG Express?
1. Select products from our Back to School collection
2. Proceed to checkout and enter your voucher code in the comments at checkout
3. Once we have validated your voucher, we will issue you a UGG Express gift card for the confirmed voucher amount.

Refund & Cancellation:

If your online order was completely purchased using a voucher, a gift card will be issued to the value of the items returned.

If your online order included both voucher items and non-voucher items, you’ll be able to return your purchased items for a refund (the items that you didn’t use the voucher for). Your refund for non-voucher items will be refunded to your original payment method. If you’d like to return items that were paid for using the voucher, you will receive a gift card for the amount that these items totalled.

If your online order has been subject to a partial cancellation, these same conditions for a refund will apply.