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4 reasons why you should wear your uggs all year round

Posted on by Jason Su

We all know and love the iconic ugg boot — from the traditional style to a pop of colour or sparkle, they have been very much  loved for decades.

However, you may not know that ugg boots are not just for winter. Yes, they keep your feet warm and cosy when the temperature dips, but that's not all that our premium Australian sheepskin boots do.

Here are four reasons why you should be wearing your ugg boots all year round!

#1: Sheepskin is antibacterial

Say goodbye to smelly feet! Sheepskin fibres contain lanolin which is naturally antibacterial and will keep your feet fresh hour after hour.

Meet our Popo Moccasins — crafted using the highest quality premium grade sheepskin, these unisex moccasins are made to last for all seasons. 

brown suede moccasins


#2: Sheepskin is comfortable all year round

Did you know that sheepskin is naturally thermostatic? This means that it will adjust to your body temperature, no matter how warm or cold it is outside.

For the warmer weather, slip into a pair of slides from Ugg Express. Our Nala Slide, Linty Slide, Poppin Slide and Sigma Thong feature the softness of pure hand selected Australian sheepskin.

grey fluffy slides
grey crossover slides
platform fluffy slides
multi coloured fluffy thongs

#3: Sheepskin is moisture wicking

The natural, breathable fibres of sheepskin wicks moisture away from your feet. This creates a buffer of dry air next to your skin and allows air to flow in and out.

The result? Dry and cool feet all year round!

Nothing beats a pair of super fluffy ugg slippers to wear around the house — browse our Muffin Slippers, Rafael SlippersHayley Slippers and Asher Slippers, all of which have a sheepskin wool interior that offers ultimate comfort! 

brown suede slippers
mens slippers
grey suede slippers
mens grey slippers

#4: Our ugg boots are extremely durable

When you buy our ugg boots, they're in it for the long haul. Sheepskin can withstand rigorous wear — once you find those perfect boots, you’ll love them for many years to come.

For all-season comfort, meet our Short Button Boots, Talia Short Boots, Short Classic Boots and Australian Made Tall Classic Boots. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, and the breathable twin face sheepskin will keep you cosy in winter and cool in summer.


dark brown ugg boots
chestnut ugg boots


couple wearing ugg boots
outdoor ugg boots

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