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Tiktok Trendy Styles

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop
TikTok is the best place to pick up all the hottest fashion trends of 2023. Everyone’s newfound love of all things cool and comfortable has seen an onslaught of trends, with new styles blowing up each week. Whether it’s a pair of fluffy slides peeping out under low-rise jeans or the same platform boots that Bella Hadid flaunts in the streets, uggs are becoming a fashion statement in their own right. Here are our top trendy styles that will take your wardrobe to the next level this season. 

# Platform Uggs

The classic ugg boot has soared to new heights, with platform uggs the latest TikTok craze. If you are looking for a pair of these cool and comfortable boots, Ugg Express is your one-stop-shop with platform twists on all of your favourites.

Ronnie Platform Mini Ugg Boots
These Australian Shepherd Ronnie Platform Mini Ugg Boots are guaranteed to turn heads the moment you walk out the door. These trendy boots work with everything so you will always look effortlessly cool.

Ugg Mini Platform Ugg Boots Thick Bottom Mini Classic

A pair of the Australian Shepherd Mini Platform Ugg Boots will have your outfit ensembles reaching new heights.Comfort has not been forgotten in the design of these shoes, with an EVA rubber outsole to increase cushioning and traction, promoting a lighter boot. 

Muffin Platform Slingback Slippers and Waffle Platform Slingback Slippers
The Australian Shepherd Muffin and Waffle Platform Slippers are unique take on the platform ugg boot trend. These super stylish slippers are water and stain resistant and lined with soft sheepskin wool, so you stay cosy in the cooler months. Bonus: you can remove the slingback for a versatile look.

 UGG Women High Platform Ugg Fluffy Slides Poppin

Take your look to a new level of fluffiness and height with our Australian Shepherd Poppin Slides. With a durable non-slip, shock-absorbing platform sole and soft woollen design, you will be the envy of all when you step out in these statement slides. 

Vigour Platform Ugg Boots

If you are the extra wow factor, the Australian Shepherd Vigour Platform Ugg Boots are for you! With a 4cm platform and hook and loop straps, this statement boot is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.


# Fluffy Slides

Everyone loves a pair of comfy slides for the beach, but fluffy slides continues rising in popularity. As seen plastered across your Tik Tok feed, fluffy slides are the perfect shoe that will take you from Pilates class to brunch with ease.

Lonnie Slingback Fluffy Slides
The Australian Shepherd Lonnie Slingback Fluffy Slides are guaranteed to add a bit of TikTok fun to your outfit. With a soft interior and exterior, comfort is at the forefront of this fashion trend.

Linty Crossover Slides
The Australian Shepherd Linty Crossover Slides feel ultra soft and warm - making them the perfect shoe if you want to nail this trend. Available in four timeless colours, these slides will be the discussion point of your next outfit.

Moccasin Slippers

Moccassin slippers have always been great around the house so why not out-and-about. When following this trend, its important to get a pair that can handle the harsh outdoors environment. Luckily, Ugg Express has a range of high-quality moccassin slippers for this trend.

 Vincent Scuff Slippers

The ultimate pair of shoes, the UGG Vincent Scuff Slippers boast a slick suede exterior perfectly complimented by patterned embroidering. It is that extra bit of detailing that your neutral wardrobe is calling for.

Dino Moccassin Slippers

The Australian Shepherd Dino Moccasin Slippers are perfect for outdoors wear with a water resistant suede exterior and breathable sheepskin interior. Available in chestnut and chocolate, these slippers are a must-have for your trendy wardrobe.


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