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The Evolution of Uggs

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

The Evolution of Uggs

Ugg boots could be considered one of the most controversial fashion trends ever. From being considered an at-home-only fashion choice to becoming a must-have item thanks to Pamela Anderson, Ugg boots have certainly lasted the test of time, so we thought it would be fun to take a step back in time to look at the evolution of this much loved shoe!   


A Woolly Start

While the exact origin of ugg boots is uncertain, sheepskin boots can be traced back to rural Australia during the 1920’s. Shearers reportedly wore sheepskin boots because they found the material was resistant to wool yolk, which would rot their ordinary boots.  By the 1930’s several Australian manufacturers were producing ugg boots in small batches.


Surfer’s Fuelled Sales

Surfing culture propelled ugg boots into the international sphere.

Byron bay surfers would slip into sheepskin boots once they were beachside. One of these surfers, Shane Stedman, trademarked the term ‘ugh-boot’. As Stedman started selling the boots in Southern California during the 1970’s, they became popular among competitive surfers, appearing in various surf magazines.


Ugg’s Became Mainstream

Ugg boots were thrust into mainstream culture in the late 90s when Pamela Anderson was spotted wearing them on the set of Baywatch. Ugg fever took gold and by the early 2000’s they were listed among Oprah’s Favourite Things, and when fashion icon, Kate Moss, and pop star, Beyonce, were also spotted wearing ugg boots, the shoes continued to gain popularity and different styles began to hit stores.   


Our Vision

At UGG Express we offer uggs for any occasion and lifestyle. By offering everything from cosy slippers to heeled boots, we push the boundaries of conventional ugg boots and make sure there is an ugg that suits you. Check out our full range of styles here!