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Our Summer Shoe Colour Palette: Bright Summer!

Posted on by Jason Su

Summer is far from over and it’s safe to say we’re not ready to start wearing the darker colours typically worn in autumn and winter.

So, we've put together a colour palette guide for your summer wardrobe with a range of stylish summer shoes and accessories - all high quality, super affordable, and available both online and in-store.

This summer, we're going BRIGHT! Discover our favourite summer footwear looks and accessories - read on!

Summer Style #1: Fluffy Slides

In late 2020, Hollywood celebs started a fluffy new trend - fluffy slides! Celebs started combining the comfort of fluffy slides and sandals with jeans or a cute dress, and it's caught on all over the world. 

If you’re keen to jump on the fluffy slide bandwagon, we have some of the comfiest and most stylish options available. Our most popular styles include the Leanna Slides in Cream or Pink or the Poppin Platform Slides in White.

fluffy slides
pink fluffy slides
black and white fluffy sandals


Need some fluffy slide styling tips? We've got the latest looks from celebs like Gigi and Bella Hadid - check out our blog on how to wear fluffy slides according to celebs!

Summer Style #2: Silk Scarves

It’s important to protect yourself from the sun in the summer with sunscreen and a hat - to spice up the look, pair your summer hat with a cool silk scarf

Our scarves are available in a wide range of patterns and shades, plus they can be worn wrapped around your hat, hanging from your handbag, or wrapped in your hair as a bow – the options are endless!


silk scarf
colourful silk scarf
chain pattern scarf


Summer Style #3: Chic Flats

While chic flats are suitable to pair with your favourite outfits all year, a pair of neutral coloured ballet flats or loafers is the perfect addition to your summer outfit! 

Why not combine the Everly Ballet Flats with a summer dress or a pair of Sally Buckle Loafers with a stylish office outfit?


women's ballet flats
womens loafers with buckles


Summer Style #4:Women's Summer Sandals

For those sun kissed days at the beach, it’s important to wear a pair of comfortable sandals to avoid getting sore feet.

Slide into the Tarramarra Bera Flats or the Australian Shepherd Mick Sandals before heading down to the water. Don’t forget your sunscreen!


womens summer sandals in white
womens Birkenstocks


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