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Elevate Your Winter Shoe Game

Posted on by UGG Express

Winter has well and truly set in, with temperatures continuing to drop as we enter the second month of the cooler season. To brace the chillier conditions in optimum style, make a fashion statement by pairing your ugg styles with a pair of socks, or swapping your classic colourways for bold patterns and prints. 

Loud Patterns & Colours 

The EVERAU Mini Classic Floral Boots are the ultimate playful twist on a timeless pair of ugg mini boots. Featuring a yellow floral print across the boots' exterior, these boots are perfect for those eager to showcase their personality in their shoe choice while running errands or heading to the shops. 

 For those who prefer a tall ugg boot style, the EVERAU Grey Floral Tall Print Boots will instantly add charm to your wardrobe. Paired with leggings, these tall boots will be the star of your ensemble in combining style and uniqueness. 

Photos by Getty Images

Photos by Getty Images

Tapping into metallic fashion is the perfect way to add a futuristic or glamorous edge to your outfit. The EVERAU Delabra Drawstring Ankle Boots in the silver colourway are the ultimate touch of flair you have been looking for. Its smooth and glossy material, as well as drawstring detail on the exterior, will instantly elevate any outfit with chicness. 

Master The Art Of Layering 

When it comes to making a cosy fashion statement with your ugg slippers, master the art of layering with socks or leg warmers, offering versatility and optimum comfort. 

The EVERAU Knit Leg Warmers create the ultimate illusion of wearing long socks. Available in dark grey and white, these leg warmers can be effortlessly paired with the EVERAU Tobias Platform Slippers to blend winter cosiness and style into your look.  

Layering with socks offers an effortlessly cool and stylish touch to your outfit, with the EVERAU Lucina Elastic Flats being an easy-to-slip-on style for lounging around the house. Featuring a round-toe style and fluffy exterior, these flats will leave you warm and cosy all day long - you’ll never want to take them off!

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