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6 adorable gift ideas for a baby

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Buying for a baby can be difficult - you don't want to overwhelm the parents with the same gift as everyone else!

There's no need to worry when you shop with Ugg Express. We have a huge range of cute and cosy gift ideas for a baby. The little one and their parents are sure to love the unique gifts we have to offer.

Read on - in this blog, we share six of our best baby gifts, from warm baby uggs to cuddly sheep wool teddies. 

#1. Baby Erin Booties 

baby erin booties

Everyone loves a pair of snuggly warm ugg boots - even babies!

Our Baby Erin Booties are available in pink and chestnut, and comfortably fit on the feet of little ones from birth to 2 years old. With an easy slip-on design and Velcro latch, these ugg boots are perfect for squirming babies and are a godsend for parents trying to keep their bub warm in the winter.

Plus... they are incredibly cute! 

#2. A Koala Plush Toy

koala plush toy

Looking for a unique alternative to the traditional teddy bear? We have the perfect solution: our Koala Plush Toy!

Available in chestnut and dark blue, these cuddly koalas are part of our fundraising Koala Collection. We donate 10% of the total sale price to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital – so these plush toys aren’t just cute and cuddly, they are also helping to save hundreds of koalas impacted by the 2020 bushfires!

#3. A Cosy Traveller/Stroller Liner 

sheepskin stroller and car seat liner

We've received rave reviews about our Cosy Traveller/Stroller Liner - it's an absolute essential for families who like to travel and our customers love them... so why not gift one? 

This snug sheepskin liner adds an extra soft layer to the baby's stroller seat. Alternatively, the parents can add the liner to the baby's car seat, creating a comfortable space for the baby to rest and travel.

Keeping children cool in summer and warm in winter, this breathable material has temperature-regulating properties that will keep bub's temperature steady all year round.

Plus, it comes in four gorgeous colours - pink, natural ivory, charcoal, and harbour mist. 

#4. A Premium Australian Sheepskin Rug

premium sheepskin rug

Looking for the perfect mat for a playroom or nursery?

This is a great gift for parents who have been looking for a super-soft surface for their baby to enjoy some tummy time. With unbelievably soft wool and a range of sizes, your gift is sure to be a hit!

#5. A FLATOUT Bear

sheepskin flatout bear

If you love the idea of a wooly sheepskin rug for the baby's nursery but want to add the cuteness factor, our FLATOUT Bears are the perfect solution!

Handmade from Australian sheepskin and available in a wide range of colours, these FLATout Bears are perfect for babies, providing them with a cute little friend to play with or sleep on.

#6. An Alpaca Plush Toy 

cuddly alpaca toys

Our Alpaca Plush Toys offer a fun alternative to your every day, run-of-the-mill stuffed animal.

With a wide range of stunning colours, you're sure to find a cuddly alpaca toy mums and their bubs will love. Available in pink, brown, white, light blue, and monochrome, these Alpaca Plush Toys are made from premium Australian sheepskin and will provide a soft toy for the little one to snuggle. 

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