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3 Airbnb Gifts To Win You A 5-Star Review

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Want to be the best Airbnb in town?

It’s all about collecting those five star reviews! There are a few ways to spread the good word about your soon-to-be five star accommodation - for example, the photos on your listing should be crisp and accurate, the decor should be fun and comforting, and the house (or apartment) itself should be spick-and-span upon arrival.

But there’s one sure-fire way to win over the hearts of your guests.

Welcome packs and free gifts!

Your guests will love the thought and effort you’ve put into making their “Staycation” a positive experience, plus it’ll be a pleasant little surprise… worthy of a five star review.

Need some inspiration for your Airbnb gifts? Keep reading! In this blog, we share some fun welcome gift ideas to brighten your guest’s day.

#1. An Airbnb gift basket packed with wine, food, and goodies


Image: Pexels

There’s a good chance your weary travellers didn’t bring any food with them. Consider putting together a gift basket packed with delicious food, snacks, and even sparkling wine for a night-cap.

Fruit baskets are always popular and a healthy alternative to chocolate and lollies. Slice up some mango, apples, oranges, and pineapple, kiwi, raspberries, strawberries, and more. Make sure to place it on the kitchen counter or dining table right before they arrive, so it’s the first thing they see.

A cheese plate with crackers, olives, and dips could also be a fun treat for your guests to snack on. Match the cheese with a fine wine and leave books on the table about cheeses, wine, and everything fine!

Want to keep clear of food-related gifts? Consider putting together a “spa package” with bath bombs, loofahs, moisturiser, and even a coffee scrub. Your guests can pamper themselves and feel fresh the following day, or take the spa package home with them to remember their stay.

#2. Take their comfort to the next level with complimentary ugg boots and cosy dressing gowns

You want your guests to feel at home in your Airbnb - what better way to increase their comfort than with a snuggly warm pair of ugg boots and a matching dressing gown?

Your guests can wear their brand new sheepskin ugg boots around the house and feel like they’re walking on clouds, all the while wrapped up in a fluffy dressing gown. Perfect for kicking back and relaxing on the couch watching Netflix!

At UGG Express, we want to make Airbnb gifting simple and affordable, so we offer bulk ugg boot orders at wholesale prices. You can stock up on ugg boots in all different shapes, colours and sizes, so you’ll always have a pair of ugg boots on hand to make their Airbnb experience the best ever. Five stars, here we come!

#3. Give them memorabilia from the local area to take home

Ever UGG Sleepy Lambie Key Chain


More often than not, your Airbnb guests will be from out of town and they may not know much about the local area.

You can help them learn and get a vibe for the place with a gift pack of local memorabilia - for example, if you live in a coal mining town, you might offer them a miner’s lamp. If your Airbnb is located on a farm, you might give them one of our super cute Ever UGG Sleepy Lambie Keychains (perfect for the little ones).

For beach towns, you might give them a complimentary beach towel, or a snow globe if it’s a skiing area.

Make sure to add in some pamphlets, maps, and helpful info about the area, too. Let them know what there is to do in town, popular tourist attractions to visit, historical buildings and tours, and give them tips on the best restaurants or nightlife in the area.

Bonus points if you can make your own pamphlets! The extra effort won’t go unnoticed.

Organise the best “Staycation” ever for your guests with UGG Express

At UGG Express, we love thrilling our customers with fresh ugg boot designs and incredible comfort. We can do the same for you and your Airbnb guests!

Get in touch with the team at UGG Express via support@uggexpress.com.au to organise a bulk order of ugg boots for your Airbnb, or discover our range of gifts and memorabilia to build up your welcome pack.

Feature Image: Pexels